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Ralph Covert - Lemonade

Ralph Covert Promotional Concert Video

Ralph Covert of Ralph's World was looking to promote his new kids show pilot with footage from a concert he put on at the Virginia Discovery Museum for children and their parents. I edited of this dual-cam piece that was featured on his YouTube page.
Final Cut Pro, Soundtrack Pro & Motion


Beleza Promotional Reel

A local duo of musicians was looking to provide a reel for future gigs. We shot with 2 cameras and I selected footage from a handful of songs to best represent their talent and style.
Adobe Premiere, After Effects & Audition

GrooveTrain Live

GrooveTrain Live Reel

This local band was looking for a video showcasing their live performance to send to prospective gigs. We shot the whole show with 2 cameras and chose the footage to represent their audience enjoying the show as well as the range of music they perform.
Final Cut Pro & Motion