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Lazerwest Engineering Website

A California rail engineering company wanted a website to explain its laser technology and patented buggies in a easily digestible format. First I provided them with hi-res photos of their equipment to display on the site and keep on hand for brochures and flyers. Then they wanted a website that would be informational for prospective clients with a quoting tool and examples of work shown.
Photography, Logo Design, Website, Business Identity including painting vehicle

Phoenix Brewery UX

Phoenix Brewery UX Design

This UX design for a fictional brewery is purely to showcase my User Experience abilities in XD. The logo was created in InDesign and the prototype in XD. There is a packaging design that accompanies this on my print page as well.Photoshop, InDesign, & XD


Just Believe Yoga

This fledgling studio was looking for increased visibility and education for potential parent clients. With a unique offering of yoga for autistic children, the site had to be bright and friendly while gently educating the visitor to the benefits and teacher’s abilities to make their child feel comfortable.
Logo Design, Website, Business Identity